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Controversy Surrounds Beijing Half Marathon: Fairness in Sports Questioned Amid Sponsorship Dominance

The recent scandal surrounding the Beijing Half Marathon has sparked public concern over the integrity of sports amidst growing sponsorship influence. The controversy erupted after the race organizers penalized this year’s champion, He Jie, and sponsor Anta, concluding the “race-fixing” incident. However, public outrage continues, as even those indifferent to long-distance running are now alarmed by the escalating influence of capital in China’s sports sector.

Last Sunday’s Beijing Half Marathon became a hot topic due to the conspicuous last-minute gesture of three African runners to “yield” and help He Jie secure victory. An investigation confirmed the deliberate underperformance, fueling public anger directed towards the sporting goods manufacturer, Anta.

Anta, targeted as the scapegoat, is also linked to another controversy before the race. Elite mainland Chinese runner Jia E’erjin, through other sponsors of the Beijing Half Marathon, secured a spot, but two days before the race, his qualification was revoked, citing “brand competition.” Many speculate that Anta rejected Jia’s participation to avoid overshadowing He Jie, highlighting the intense competition among sports brands.

Amidst public debate, the Chinese Athletic Association announced plans to regulate commercial competition in running events and strengthen risk assessments. The responsibility of He Jie in the controversy remains contentious, affecting his Olympic eligibility for the Paris Olympics three months later.

The controversy has also ignited discussions on patriotism and nationalism in sports marketing. As domestic brands cater to the growing market, their promotional strategies emphasize national pride and cultural identity. However, the recent incident prompts reflection on the spirit of sports and the authenticity of national pride amid fierce commercial competition in the sports industry.


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